The “Curry Pok”

Every Singaporean, heck even visitors and other residents here, have a special relationship with Old Chang Kee. From their iconic curry puffs (now called Curry O; us older folks just call it ‘curry pok’) to more than a dozen of other delights on sticks such as the sotong head, nuggets and fishballs, it was the de-facto place to get a snack when you have the munchies in between meals.

Old Chang Kee Coffee House @ Rex

More than 30 years after Old Chang Kee (OCK) boss Mr Han Keen Juan bought over the business from a unnamed Hainanese hawker back in 1986, the business finally had a Homecoming of sorts by taking over the entire coffee shop where their first ever OCK stall was along MacKenzie Road (junction of Niven Road). Mr Han recalls:

“I remember when there was not even sufficient space to stand on the inside of the shop to sell the curry puffs and I had to do it from the walkway. This very spot holds many memories for me and marks a full circle having grown Old Chang Kee the past 32 years to what it is today.” – Mr Han Keen Juan

Where It All Began

From a small corner stall in a coffee shop, Old Chang Kee Coffee House @ Rex now occupies the entire space that spans three shophouse units. Its old-school charm is jam-packed with lots of retro memorabilia like posters, chinaware and collectables!

From a humble stall to a central kitchen along Petain Road (I remember going past the area when I was a child and getting some olfactory satisfaction of curry puffs), and now having their own space at Woodlands, they ensure consistency to every single puff (pun intended) you take!

(Fun) Curry Times

Did you know that Old Chang Kee actually has a plethora of affiliated brands? You may be more familiar with Curry Times, their sit-down cafe brand, but there’s also Bun Times, and Dip ‘n’ Go, among others. At this coffee house, you get to enjoy signature delights from all these brands, some of which are exclusive to this store!

There’s the Flower Bread which consists of seven freshly baked, pull-apart buns. Nestled in the middle of the golden sesame-topped crust ‘flower’ is an enamel bowl filled with a choice of: Curry Chicken ($11.90); Chicken Stew ($11.90); or Beef Stew ($13.90). (we loved the curry chicken one best, no questions about that!) One good thing is, there’s FREE FLOW gravy, so no need to be shy when it comes to dipping!

Another menu exclusive is the Beef Stew Rice ($9.50) – a nod to Old Chang Kee’s Hainanese heritage. Served in a mess tin, it consists of rice topped with tender beef, radish and carrots redolent with the fragrance of spices. For a modern touch, diners can opt for the Baked Beef Stew Rice with Cheese ($10.90; we got this) which showcases melted cheese and a sprinkling of chopped parsley.

If you’ve been to Curry Times you’ll also be familiar with their wide selection of local delights, such as the Dry Laksa Goreng ($8.50)Hainanese Chap Chye ($6.20), and a Curry Times’ special, Nasi Lemak with Dry Curry Chicken ($8.90) with tender, minced chicken coated liberally in curry spices paired with aromatic coconut rice and sides of tangy ‘achar’, fish cake, sambal chilli, fried peanuts and anchovies. You can then end the meal with a piping bowl of Bubur Cha Cha ($5.00)!

And of course, who could forget their signature skewers and fritters! For the uninitiated, try their Curry’O ($1.50) – curry spiced potatoes, chicken and an egg slice stuffed and sealed within a flakey, buttery crust. Other favourites like the Sotong Head OnStik ($1.80); Crab Nuggets OnStik ($1.80); and Chicken Wings ($1.80) are also things that you cannot just walk away from every time you pass an Old Chang Kee stall.

Towards the end of the meal we even got a chance to meet an Old Chang Kee veteran, fondly known as Auntie Aljunied for having spent many years at a branch in the area. Some guests even got to try out folding their own curry puffs, although none could hold up to the nimble, decisive fingers of Auntie!

Bonus: Old Chang Kee has just opened in London! So if you want an escape from Fish & Chips, you know where to go!

More Information

Old Chang Kee Coffee House @ REX
19 – 23 Mackenzie Road
Singapore 228678

Opening Hours
Mon-Thu: 11am – 9pm (last order: 8:30pm)
Fri & Sat: 10am – 10pm (last order: 9:30pm)
Sun: 10am – 9pm (last order: 8:30pm)
Reservations: (+65) 6732 1665

Website | Facebook | Instagram

“Peng Gang” in the Park

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park now has a brand new Izakaya! Nestled in the lush greenery contrasted by the bustling of the popular public park, visitors to ToriYard can experience a dining experience where good friends, delectable grilled meats and wind-down drinks go hand-in-hand.

Curated by Chef Hasegawa Isao, a Tokyo native with decades of experience in Japan, France and Malaysia, patrons can relish the sight of their grilled meat cooked to perfection, with Japanese-imported charcoal grills at the open-concept grill station (separated by a glass window for your comfort).

Chef Hasegawa Isao. Courtesy of ToriYard


Apart from the namesake Tori (chicken) skewers available on the menu, there are also a long list of grilled beef, pork, seafood and vegetable Kushiyaki skewers. So there will be something for everyone at this abobe-in-a-park. Some ToriYard specials include the Tsukune Ohba Tsutsumi Age (deep fried chicken ball with perilla leaf) and Onsen Tamago Cocktail (a luxurious combo of onsen egg, foie gras, salmon roe and uni), and for me the latter was quite rather much intriguing! My favourite was actually the Tebasaki (chicken wing) Gyoza, where instead of a usual gyoza, the chicken wing IS the gyoza. They even have a cool sauce station for you to find the perfect dip for your skewers!

ToriYard also serves a good selection of sake and Japanese draft beer, like any good Izakaya would. So enjoy a night of liquor and perfectly-grilled skewers in the cool comfort of the night!



More Information

1380 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
Singapore 569930
(It’s within the bunch of restaurants/cafes near McDonald’s)
Tel: 9296 5988
Operating Hours
Weekday lunch – 11.30am to 2.30pm
Weekday dinner – 6.00pm to 10.30pm
Weekend lunch – 11.00am to 2.30pm
Weekend dinner – 6.00pm to 11.00pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Facebook|Instagram|Reservations (Chope)


Right at the middle of downtown is Freehouse, a bar opened in 2016 that “was birthed from a thirst that could only be quenched by good beer and cider”. With up to 16 rotating taps of craft beer (they’re usually almost at full capacity), you can be sure that you’ll only be thirsty for that guy/girl down the bar 😉 Situated in a shophouse in the Telok Ayer area, its intimate settings ensures you that there’s definitely “no strangers here”.

Week of the Dog at Freehouse

Yo Dawg, so I heard it’s the Year of the Dog, so Freehouse’s got some (hot)dogs at the week of the dog, so you can dog while you dawg!

Just over the last week, while basically half of the bars you frequent were closed over the Chinese New Year week, Freehouse started the year of the dog with a week long event starring their very own bar manager, Christian!

The Week of the Dog featured a special event-only menu made of gourmet sausages, corn dogs and more importantly (to me), TATER TOTS “smothered in homemade meat/beach chilli! With Christian in the kitchen (no sandwiches today), we devoured most of the brutally-named menu, such as the Brat-tallica, a Bratwurst topped with home-made braised red cabbage, Sauerkraut, Bacon, Hefeweizen Cheese Sauce, Spicy Mustard and Devil’s Ketchup; or if you’re in camp Dave Mustaine, there’s The Megadeth Corn Dog, that’s dipped in a special honey-infused buttermilk batter and deep fried to golden glory!

We also checked out good ol’ Trogdor the Burninator, our favourite strong-armed winged beast represented with Tater Tots smothered in molten Cheddar Cheese (that’s enough to make Torbjorn breathe heavily), Home Made Stout Bean/Meat Chilli, Srircha, Sour Cream and Devil’s Ketchup. Beware of the fire-breathing dragon!

No Strangers Here

Beyond the special menu for the week, Freehouse also offers a pretty wide range of bar snacks and dinner items (they’re usually not open for lunch). Favourites include the Cereal Frog Legs, Grilled Eggplant and Japanese Curry Fries just to name a few. Food menu may also change time to time, so find out the latest while you’re there!

Of course being one of the increasingly popular craft beer bar in Singapore, Freehouse offers a rotating selection of delicious craft beer from around the world, as mentioned previously having a capacity of 16 taps in full view of their white tiled display wall. New and seasoned craft beer enthusiasts are more than welcome, as your friendly neighbourhood bar guy Christian will surely put the right beer in front of you. Events and tap takeovers from particular breweries (such as the recent Battle Royale of Vietnamese breweries Pasteur Street and Heart of Darkness) also happen regularly, so be sure to like their Facebook page to keep yourself updated. For a good deal, head down to their Pint & Grub Mondays, where any pint with a side from a selected list go for only $20++!




More Information

21A Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069620
Opening Hours: 5:00pm to 12:00am (Tuesdays to Saturdays), 3:00pm to 12:00am (Fridays only). CLOSED MONDAYS.

Also known as the fifth season in Germany, Karneval is a traditional German festival that can be traced back to the 13th century. It marks the beginning of Lent, and entails copious amounts of eating, drinking and merriment, and usually accompanied by a huge parade combining elements of a circus, masks and social satire.

Fun fact: Depending on the region of Germany you’re at, the same festival takes on different names: KarnevalFasching and Fastnacht. Read more here.

Karneval @ Brotzeit

From now till 25 February 2018, Brotzeit is bringing the flavours and Gemütlichkeit (a feeling of warmth, friendliness, and good cheer) of Karneval to Singapore! While you can’t get a parade here, Brotzeit has launched a specially-curated Karneval menu, featuring festival favourites and exclusive Karneval-only craft beers from Germany during this festive season.

We were greeted by Brotzeit’s Group Executive Chef Wolfgang Ranner, who gracefully brought us through some of the common menu items that you can get at the actual Karneval in Germany. After starting the party with hearty “prost” over a refreshing pint of Karneval-exclusive Gaffel Kölsch, we were presented with a really long sausage on an equally big bun. #thatswhatshesaid

The Gaffel Kölsch a fresh speciality beer from Cologne with a delicate blend of a bitter yet pleasant and slightly hoppy taste. Brewed according to a time-honored family recipe and the German Purity Law of 1516, Gaffel Kölsch is clearly distinguished from all other Kölsch brands.

Brotzeit’s Half-meter Sausage Challenge

Ready your stomachs, and test your might to take on their Half-metre German Sausage Challenge. Teams of two will each have four minutes to finish a half-meter of Brotzeit’s Deutsche Halbmeter Wurst, featuring classic Nürnberger sausages, served with sauerkraut and potato salad in a baguette. That’s about as long as an entire adult forearm, or about 2.7 banana for scale. Any team that completes the challenge within the stipulated four minutes will enjoy the sausage on the house, and being able to have bragging rights to have TESTED YOUR MIGHT and be called Brotzeit’s Wurst Champions.

We were lucky that there were 6 hungry people to wolf it down, and we probably took longer than four minutes anyway. Accordingly to a manager from the team, the record at that time is(maybe was) 3 minutes 44 seconds!

Another feature of Brotzeit’s Karneval menu is Zweierlei von Huhn (Duo of Chicken), which is basically chicken served two-ways; a tender oven-roasted chicken, and golden fried chicken (done like chicken schnitzels). Marinated generously, the roasted chicken was as tender and juicy as you can imagine, while the fried chicken was on point with the amount of batter and crispiness to it without being dried out. Served with potato salad and Fries, it’s a good sharing dish!

Ever been in the situation where you have a big party and everyone wants everything? Or conversely, you really want that one dish in a platter, but you got to deal with the others that make you go ‘meh’? Brotzeit’s Deutsche Tapas (German Tapas, 3 for $15, 6 for $28, 12 for $45) is the solution for all diners! Choose from a list of TWELVE different tapas items, totally customisable to your liking below. Want 12 meatloaves? Yes please!

Bierbeisser (sausage), super food salad (Chef Ranner lol’d), spicy chicken sausages, currywurst, golden fried chicken, cheese spätzle, meatballs, seabass filet, fried mushrooms, meatloaf in a mini kaiser roll, chicken schnitzel in a mini kaiser roll, and their meat patty in a mini kaiser roll.

To finish off the evening, we were given special off-the-menu Berliners (German doughnuts with fillings), but you can check if you can get lucky too 😉

More Information

Brotzeit Singapore
Outlets in Singapore: 313@Somerset, VivoCity, Raffles City, Katong, Westgate (click to see opening hours and reservation info)

Anyone who’s heard of Kah Hiang Restaurant (嘉香餐馆) at International Plaza would remember their homely Cantonese cuisine that kind of reminds you of the stuff that grandma makes during the big reunion dinner every Chinese New Year. Now, after more than 40 years of serving delectable signature dishes at their quaint little corner along Anson Road, they are ready to move this household name towards modern times.

Myo Restobar

To be honest, when I first received the email invitation for a hosted dinner, I thought it was another one of those Japanese-fusion restaurants that’s pretty trendy nowadays. Then I realised that the “Myo” in “Myo” Restobar has a couple of meanings to the owners; one being a play on the Chinese words “妙嚥” (miào yàn) which is to “swallow/consume wonder or delight”, and another as I learnt from 2nd generation owner Mr Ng Kia Jin, a reflection of their Buddhist beliefs. He quotes:

“Myo restobar aims to reach out to new audiences while supporting our International Plaza flagship. We realise that while the older generation may be very familiar with our brand, the newer generation is not. Myo plans to introduce Kia Hiang’s recipe of traditional Cantonese cuisine, values and our high standards to the 21st century.”

Mr Ng Kia Jin, 2nd generation owner of Kia Hiang Group

Just a stone’s throw away from their original place of service, Myo Restobar is similarly tucked away on the 19th floor of Oxley Tower, along Robinson Road. Unlike the boxy, retro interior of the first restaurant, Myo sports a chic modern look, complete with a decent city view and swanky furniture. They also serve a nice range of modern liquor, and even craft beer!

What’s not changed however is their dedication to bringing goodness of Kia Hiang’s signature dishes to the table. First in particular, the Kia Hiang Claypot Spring Chicken. Deep-marinated and braised in a claypot with their secret sauce for hours while being wrapped in exactly 5 full leaves of cabbage, what initially looks unappealing will convince even the harshest critics when you cut up the chicken. The tenderness of the meat is immediately felt as it melts in your mouth, not to mention the aroma of many hours of tender loving care during preparation.

To push the envelope, Myo has a “zhng-ed” (elevated/pimped up) variant. The Kia Hiang Claypot Organic Chicken uses premium organic chickens that grow up really comfortable and even listen to classical music (some of us don’t even get that treatment at work!) This variant is said to be even juicier and flavourful. Both versions come very limited daily as they are prepared in set quantities the night before, so call ahead if you want to ensure you don’t arrive disappointed!

Short story time: Mr Ng said his father initially cooked this exclusively for staff meals (which is a common perk for Chinese restaurants since back in the days, which many still perpetuate today), and when some regulars got to try it as well, they convinced him to put it on the menu. The rest is history!

Photo courtesy of Myo Restobar

Myo also chose to expand their menu to include modern restaurant fare, such as their Baked Hamachi Collar and Angus Tenderloin Cubes with Garlic and Broccoli. In fact do check out their full menu which also includes affordable yet luxurious lunch sets!

Another menu selection Kia Hiang is known for is their Dim Sum. We were treated to a wide range of Dim Sum with modern twists such as the Gold Foil Dumplings with Assorted MushroomsFlakey Angus Beef Pastry (basically same texture as a 叉烧酥 but with marinated beef; MUST TRY) and Healthy Walnut Buns.

As a Cantonese myself, I can tell you that no Cantonese meal can end WITHOUT any desserts. Without failing to weave tradition into modernity, Myo offers classics such as Double Boiled Peach Gum w/
Red Dates and a modern Young Coconut Stewed with Peach Gum & Egg White (which we tried), along with a Durian Mochi to end the evening.

Speaking of durian, short story no.2: Mr Ng explained that Kia Hiang is actually a big player in supplying mooncakes in Singapore, and is seen as the O.G. of durian mooncake, which is more synonymous with a particular hotel near Orchard Road to the younger crowd. So don’t be surprised that the mooncake you got as a gift or bought from the mooncake fair is actually supplied by Kia Hiang!Verdict

Despite being smack in the middle of the CBD, you will not find it easily. In fact I’ve met a group of invited media personalities at the building lobby and we all struggled to find the correct lift, as the lift panels have different floor buttons on each side! So when you’re there, go to Lift Lobby 1, and the button to level 19 is at the inner side of the lift.

While priced at a premium for sure, they are still considered quite value-for-money for the quality you’re getting, although it’s not what you might want to pay for every day.

For the millennials, your parents would possibly have memory of this place (Mr Ng said they were a popular paktor venue for meals). You can be sure they will attest to the level of quality that the elder Mr Ng set out, which is dutifully continued by his son Kia Jin at their new venture.

Now that Chinese New Year is round the corner, how about give your grandma/mum/whoever is in the kitchen a break, and give them a try for a change. They will thank you for it. Who knows, maybe the claypot chicken will bring back happy memories, or to make new ones!

More Information

Myo Restobar
138 Robinson Road
Oxley Tower (access through Lobby 1)
Singapore 068906
Reservations: Website or Call +65 90260718 / +65 69311247
Opens Daily 11am – 9pm (Closed on Saturday & Public Holidays)

(NOTE: The cafe is closed for a bit till 16 Nov 2017)

Iced T

Tired of the same sweet bottled beverages you can find in convenience stores, or the saccharine-loaded teas soaked in cheap milk-flavoured powder? Not that they’re not enjoyable (I’d like an Arizona I C E D Tea once in a while), but I guess we should be mindful of what we putin us, especially since we’re here doing food reviews.

Cafe Yellow

In the town (where I was kind of born), at the far end of the second floor of Millenia Walk, sits a Citroen van that’s painted the brightest of yellow. Together with We The People (the Kickstarter products store), the aptly visually-named Cafe Yellow is a simple get-up that serves naturally-flavoured teas that are no added sugar.

Some of my favourites from their cold brew tea series are the mango sticky rice flavor with strong coconut hints reminding you of the markets of Bangkok, and the Hojicha with a fragrant malty taste reminiscent of the temples of Kyoto. For you caffeine junkies, they also serve Nitro cold brew coffee (seeing a trend here)!

Oh, did I mention that Cafe Yellow also run by the loveliest동생 ever, Sohee?


Ever since the previous anchor (Harvey Norman) moved out, it’s pretty quiet on the second floor of Millenia Walk, so you don’t really notice it so much.

At $5-7 per drink, it’s pretty reasonable, and you get a nice ambiance away from the buzz. #protip: It’s a good hiding place when you need to rest from visiting the many conventions at nearby Suntec City Convention Center.

It’s a simple variety of beverages, but they all taste fresh and wholesome, none of that overtly sweetened syrups!

Decent teas and a nice view (with pretty owner as a bonus)? We could drop by every time we’re in the area!

More Information

Cafe Yellow
Level 2, Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596
Tel: 9233 0627
Facebook | Instagram

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The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes – Mark Nepo

Hustlin’ with Sunday Posies (@sundayposies)

Having a job these days, is never a bad idea. Having a job you love? Even better! However it’s not something that you can snap your fingers and a genie appears magically to grant you that wish. So having a side hustle or hobby does help keep your sanity in check amidst the bustle of the day job.

Sunday Posies (@sundayposies) was the brainchild of @gigglemenot (as she prefers) as she #somekindofeatpraylove for a while, away from a hectic job. Strolling among the florists in markets of Melbourne, she found therapy in floral arrangements and decided to make some money at the same time. Check out her social media profiles (Facebook & Instagram) and if you need a bespoke florist with some pretty good vision and skillz, you know who to look for!

Loyal elf assistant Jeslyn (L) with the talent behind Sunday Posies, @gigglemenot (R)

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Wheeler’s Estate

From the people that brought you one of Singapore’s top 10 Instagram-ed cafe (Wheeler’s Yard), is another to-be highly Instagram-ed cafe with the name updated to specify a bigger space (estate). It’s so big, that it’s classified into 6 7 different sections: Restaurant, Alfresco, Bar, Events, Entertainment, Picnic and Cycling! Can’t buy bicycles here though, so I guess this is their side hustle in a way?

Situated in what used to be part of Selatar Airbase, Wheeler’s Estate is part of the wave of rejuvenation of the area now known as Seletar Aerospace Park. Traverse down the relatively ulu road and you’ll be greeted by one highly Instagram-ed icon; the silver caravan/camper van endearingly named “Bambi”:

Facing a modestly-sized but lush green field, it’s one of those fewer places where you can fit right in, whether you’re there on a date, a family Sunday brunch, or a high school reunion. Or you really just want to escape the F1 buzz in town for the weekend. There’s even the playground nearby at The Oval (that is well, literally an oval-shaped street) where you can bring your kids, or act like one (don’t we all?).The seating space is also generously spacious, although if you really look at it there’s not that many sheltered options available at the first floor. There are however several long benches for big groups and a indoor dining hall at the second level, which has a stairwell, and a corridor that is also (another) highly Instagram-ed spot.
Wheelers Estate Wheelers Estate

Wheeler’s Estate serves up some casual Australian cuisine good ol’ alfresco style (of course you may choose the comfort of the air-conditioned veranda but it gets echo-ey. There seems to be a rotating menu so you may not get the same food every time you come here. When we were there, we had a very unique twist of the Philadelphia Steak (philly steak) where instead of it being in a sandwich, it was a marinated beef steak on a tortilla wrap and garnished with chili and caramelised onion. Very different from tradition, but without compromising on taste and complexity!

Other usual favourites that we were recommended were the fish and chips, and the chicken cordon bleu that was served in a similar deconstructed fashion. Seems like these guys don’t just take apart bicycles!

When the sun goes down at Wheeler’s, things are different too. Under the dim fairy lights and slightly blaring live music, the weather also becomes more tolerable as the alfresco seating becomes more filled with people who want to revel but also prefer the chill vibes. You can also take a stroll in the park which is adjacent to Seletar Airport’s airstrip, and get some *ahem* quiet time if you need.


Rather challenging to get to unless you drive or take a taxi, it’s definitely out of the way by Singaporean standards.

It is quite expensive at the average range of $30-40 per head including drinks but not dessert, and portions were not THAT bad either.

While expensive, they do try to be innovative with their menu and presentation. At least the food is fresh!

My only gripe was that despite having an army of part timer youngsters I felt pretty neglected during my visit there. For example we wanted some cutlery and water, and were told by no less than 3 different servers that they’ll get it for us, but conveniently forgotten after (I wanted to get it myself in the first place, had to do it anyway). I guess some organisation will help, which is evident in some of their ratings on social media as well. It’ll be a waste if disorganised service spoilt an otherwise nice ambience and honest, casual cuisine!

More Information

Sunday Posies
Enquire more on bespoke floral services
Facebook | Instagram

Wheeler’s Estate
2 Park Lane
Seletar Aerospace Park
Singapore 798386
Reservations:  6262 0001 (recommended if you’re going on a weekend)
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At no time are we ever in such complete possession of a journey, down to its last nook and cranny, as when we are busy with preparations for it. After that, there remains only the journey itself, which is nothing but the process through which we lose our ownership of it.  Yukio Mishima


EDIT JUL 2020: Nook & Cranny are closed till further notice.

So not that long ago I saw this on my Facebook timeline:

I decided to try my luck (some of the answers were pretty good guesses, like pistachio) and lo behold, I was right! So off I went to get a taste of this unusual concoction…

Nook & Cranny

Started in 2015 by part of, Nook & Cranny is well, literally in its namesake along Sin Ming Road, more popularly known for roti prata and Udders ice cream. Situated at Thomson V One, it is easy to miss it if you’re not looking. Despite that, it’s actually not difficult to reach, with Marymount MRT Station just a couple bus stops out, or a 10 minutes walk.

The interior’s nothing much to yell about, but it feels spacious and cosy despite the area not actually being really big; the biggest table at the al-fresco area is good enough for 8-10 people, although I’m sure they will be happy to accommodate.

Nook & Cranny Nook & Cranny Nook & Cranny Nook & Cranny Nook & Cranny Nook & Cranny Nook & Cranny

The menu also exudes the cosiness and down-to-earth concept of the cafe design. The Truffle Mac & Cheese, topped with a soft boiled egg and the Chicken Bleu (Chicken Cordon Bleu), served on a bed of orzo rice pasta (it feels like rice but tastes like pasta!), are all comfort and zero nonsense. Also check out their signature “Nook Wings” that’s battered with a *secret* recipe and served with a generous amount of BBQ sauce dip!

Other items on the menu that you should check out as well include the Salmon Benedict, and their waffles & ice cream, just to name a couple.

Nook & Cranny

See you Latte

The star and main purpose of my visit, the Pandan Latte, was an interesting spin. Kind of reminds me of eating ondeh-ondeh, a traditional snack in Southeast Asia, with some hints of nasi lemak. However for now it remains a one-time special, as the guys at Nook & Cranny are refining the drink for a comeback (hopefully soon!).

In the meantime, check out their signature drinks like the matcha latte and signature hot chocolate! Perfect for a pit stop in the afternoon or to wind down the evening if you’re that sort of coffee drinker like me (having coffee at night but still managing to sleep).

Recently, they’ve also won the 2017 Singapore AeroPress Championship held at the Singapore Coffee Festival 2017. You know they’re up to some good brews when their barista’s award-winning!


Hidden from street view, and before the Thomson-East Coast MRT line comes, you will definitely need to do some legwork to find Nook & Cranny, in a nook and cranny. There’s ample parking available in the complex though.

Mains and drinks set us back about $50, which puts it in a slightly upper range but still decently priced.

The food here is not complicated, and servings are comfortably adequate. You can also feel the freshness in their beverage as they prepare them fresh too.

A nice hideaway in what is more famous as a favourite supper area, you can cosy up and spend hours here to get your fill of nice food and drinks!

More Information

For the whole month of August, celebrate their first birthday by enjoying a 2nd main course at 50% off!


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Nook & Cranny
9 Sin Ming Road
Thomson V One
Singapore 575630
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu: 12:00pm to 10:00pm, CLOSED TUESDAYS
Fri: 12:00pm to 11:00pm
Sat: 11:00am to 11:00pm
Sun: 11:00am to 10:00pm
Reservations: 6452 7449 or
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