“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

Burgers. Originally just served as a meat patty in Germany (Hamburg, hence the name to hamburger and then burger), the modern burger was debatably developed by a few different sources in early USA history, but one thing in common was the mobility and ease of mass production it brought. Especially to a fast-paced metropolis like the big apple: New York City (cue nasal voice), the land of opportunity.

Jolie Hwee

When not learning how to scalp (literally, guys) people on surgical tables, Dr. Jolie turns to looking for new places to dine at. Check out her Instagram!

So when told of a burger joint that’s so obscure it literally doesn’t even have a front display and entrance, she had to come take a look.

Burger Joint Singapore

Of Le Parker Meridien down 56th St, NYC fame, Burger Joint opened their first outlet in Southeast Asia down in the Telok Ayer/Amoy Street area. Why am I being so vague? That’s because instead of a prominent front display, it is actually situated in what could have been a kitchen/pantry/worker’s quarters in the early 20th century. To access it, you would have to go round the back, along Gemill Lane before you spot the ubiquitous neon burger sign plastered next to a inconspicuous door… only to go in and be greeted by a dark corridor lined with curtains, and yet another neon burger sign.

Once you (finally) reach the restaurant, you’ll be greeted with a familiar sight (if you’ve ever been to the one in NYC; I haven’t though): the worn-looking wooden furniture and walls in a dimly lit room. If you come in a group you can try your luck at one of the booth seats, but most are happy at the standing tables or even to chill at the bar, where they serve a decent spread of cold beer and good ol’ American whiskies.

Ordering a burger here isn’t… too many layers of work. You are free to choose whether you want a plain hamburger or load it up with cheese, bacon, jalapeno peppers, or all of the above! For best results, go for ‘the works’ when asked for your vegetables. But of course in a capitalist free world, more will cost you.

The burgers come wrapped in paper bags and perfectly grilled to your liking (medium rare’s great), and piping hot. Now chomp on to that freedom and opportunity all the way from the East coast!

Yes, the burgers are quite expensive. Yes, the servings are not exactly very big. But does it matter? Not really, when you have the freedom of choice. If you like what you’re getting, feel free to scribble your words of praise or greetings on literally any surface you can find (most people choose the walls though) too! Verdict

The only giveaway of any semblance of a restaurant is the neon sign in the door so yes, hole in the wall.

For prices starting at $17 excluding taxes, it is definitely on the steep side when it comes to burgers. You do get quality meat that is grilled to your liking though. BUT I only found out after that they actually are on the entertainer app, so you can bring a friend along, or simply take two burgers!

I give credit that they make it up in quality, that their meat, vegetables and even buns are freshly made (buns are made in-house).

A good concept with no-nonsense and no-frills food, but I probably will only come here once in a while if I were on a budget. I mean, we’re free to choose right?

Wishing all readers from the USofA a happy 4th July!

More Information

Burger Joint Singapore
115 Amoy Street
Singapore 069935
(Entrance at back on Gemmill Lane)
Tel: +65 6221 8648
Facebook | Instagram | Website

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