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Just a mention about laksa to just about anyone in Singapore will stir up a heated discussion (pun intended) on cultural authenticity; which stall/shop gets it and which stir up mass-produced modern versions. If there’s anybody brazen enough to blatantly ignore traditional ‘guidelines’ and STILL call themselves authentic, it’ll surely kick the hornet’s nest (and trust me, they usually don’t last).

Mum’s Recipe Nonya Laksa

The thing about food in Singapore is that it always has some degree of social connotations. Like how owner Leslie Chua recounts, this recipe which his mum had learnt from a nonya neighbour and eventually got the whole kampung (village) into her cooking every Sunday brunch (it’s common for everyone’s house to be ‘open house’ 24/7 in a kampung). In his words:

The laksa was an instant a hit with everyone! After that, laksa became the most requested item at our weekly Sunday brunch fest, followed by popiah.

One of the first things you notice when you arrive at the stall nested in a coffee shop along Macpherson Road is a huge metal pot with a brick charcoal stove to keep the gravy inside warm, reminiscent of the old days.

Mums Recipe Nonya Laksa Mums Recipe Nonya Laksa

In true perenakan style, the serving is simple: generous amounts of (peeled) prawns, fresh cockles (optional), and fish cakes. In the kampung days, there were no ‘holy grails’ of what to put in a nonya laksa; whatever you can get, it goes in. Hence, you will see different versions of the same dish all over Singapore and Malaysia. One common feature though, is the preference of short strands of rice vermicelli that if you wanted to, can be eaten with just a spoon. The curry itself is not that spicy, and tastes rich and creamy with all that coconut mmm-milk goodness. For those with iron-clad tongues that just love copious heaps of chilli in everything you eat, you can add dollops of red chilli paste and finely chopping laksa leaves to taste.

Mums Recipe Nonya Laksa Mums Recipe Nonya Laksa

…and remember! You don’t waste even a single drop of that glorious laksa curry! You can definitely tell that the customers enjoy it when every bowl is almost-literally licked clean!

Mums Recipe Nonya Laksa

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Situated some distance away from any semblance of a MRT station, it is best accessed by bus or walking (if you’re in the area)

$4.50 for a bowl of laksa with generous toppings (just look at the pictures yo)? Sign me up!

The taste of the curry is rich enough, and ingredients fresh. I preferred it to be a bit more piping hot though. I’ve also added a good amount of chilli for some more oomph and it was W-O-R-T-H!

Reminds you of mum, it will… no seriously take the chance to go hug your mum

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