So it was my birthday a while back, and the gf decided to bring me to a place she had found on the entertainer app for a lunch treat. At first when I first heard the place to be at Camden Medical Centre, I thought she wanted to bring me to a dietician clinic for some slimming!

Fat Cow

A paraphrased introduction to their history and name won’t do them justice so much, so here’s their self-explanatory introduction:


Established by Refinery Concepts, FAT COW first opened its doors in October 2011.

The word “FAT” in FAT COW stands for luxury and indulgence, and is also a play on the word “Fatt” which in Mandarin dialect means prosperity. Spanning slightly over 3500 sq ft, the restaurant’s design takes a contemporary approach to the Japanese “Wabi-Sabi” concept – the art of finding beauty in things modest, simple and humble.

Indeed, the interior is reminiscent of a simple Japanese inn despite its premium status; basically wooden outfit with straw mats, and warm, dim lighting. Separated sections also give you the privacy you’d like while enjoying really good beef!

Fat Cow Fat Cow Fat Cow

Let’s get on with the food, shall we? At Fat Cow, the set lunches apparently have lots of raving reviews, with their signature The Fat Cow Donburi being obviously the most popular. But for today, my only beef (hehe) is how limited my stomach space was!

Well, as the name suggests Fat Cow is known for serving quality beef, and in different styles. For the sake of variety, I ordered the A5 Ribeye Shabu Shabu, while my partner got the Grade A4 Ribeye Ohmi beef. Ohmi beef, being one of the “Top Three Wagyu” of Japan, is known to have one of the most intense flavours coming from its fine marbling of fats. Served with a plethora of seasonings, you can either top it up with some yuzu sauce or with just some good ol’ salt. As soon as I popped that piece of meat into my mouth, it just melted and true enough, the sweetness was simply put, glorious! The shabu shabu serving was also pretty generous, and the soup stock, unlike some more casual dining places, isn’t just blasted with MSG and doesn’t rob your taste buds of the inherent full-bodied flavour of the meat. If you’re looking for a fuller meal though, I’d recommend getting some carbs like “The Fat Rice” which is basically seasoned with their signature shoyu sauce mix.

Of course they also have a (very) mean collection of Japanese whisky and other good food on the menu, such as the sweet potatoes we ordered to start off but somehow ended up coming right at the end of the meal. It was for the better in any case, as it would have masked the taste of the good stuff (read: beef).

Fat Cow Fat CowFat CowFat Cow Fat Cow Fat Cow


They’re quite atas, but at the same time they’re tucked in a quiet corner of the Orchard district

I have to say that it is dear to dine here given the strictest standards they give to their food preparation. However this was made much better with the entertainer app!

You mean you didn’t see my pictures above? Also, if you’re into a more well-rounded meals, you can also check out their set lunches which are relatively affordable and from what I observed from my dining neighbours, are generous in serving as well.

Trust me when I say that not coming here is a huge missed steak!

More Information

Fat Cow
1 Orchard Boulevard
Camden Medical Centre
Singapore 248649
Tel: +65 6735 0308
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