Update: Teepee is currently closed while the owners look for a new location. Check out their facebook page for further updates!


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Working, or just simply hanging around the Clarke Quay area is a great thing actually; you get spoilt for choice from budget noodles to atas noodles (ramen) or even atas satay bars depending on your mood and budget. Speaking about bars though…

Teepee Bar & Restaurant

Opened in December 2016 amongst the budding local boutique bar scene, Teepee Bar & Restaurant sets out to be a hidden abode for tired souls by day and by night, after an in tents day at work, geddit? It feels like a slight twist to the Melbourne cafe scene where it’s also a fully functional bar, and a more than decent one at that!

The setup and fare is what you’d expect from a boutique restaurant/bar: Slim outfit but cosy, simple food but not lacking substance. To even reach the entrance of the bar, you have to first locate the nondescript address and walk down an equally nondescript corridor before you finally see their signboard, which is still further past another doorway. Comfortable wooden stools and leather couch seats pepper the dining floor, and you also see their namesake (a teepee) hung up behind the bar counter.

It was a hot afternoon (surprise surprise) so the first thought was to get a drink, like their signature Earl Grey infused Gin & Tonic. Feeling you need a perk me up instead? There’s a good menu of coffee, like the lychee affogato up and ready for you too!

At their recommendation, I got myself the buttermilk fried chicken burger, and a side of their signature pork belly buns (kong4 ba4 bao1; 扣肉包), while my lunch partner got the wagyu beef bowl, another signature menu item. I got to say, the small outfit does not stop them from dishing out scrumptious and generous meals like these. The beef bowl for example has a copious amount of beef done just perfect medium rare, and topped with a marvelously prepared onsen egg. Did I also mention that their fries are done just right?

Teepee Bar & Restaurant



Like when their more well-known neighbour bar and another signboard-less cafe along Hongkong Street started out, you probably will not be able to locate them at first glance.

It’s definitely not the cheapest option in Clarke Quay, but i definitely felt full after!

Food is made with fresh ingredients and meats are well-seasoned (and battered). Did I already say that their fries are good?

It’s perfect as a hideout regardless of the time of day, be it from the office hustle or the after-work party bustle. I am told it gets pretty crowded at night though so be prepared!

More Information

Teepee Bar & Restaurant
31 Hong Kong Street
#01-02 Singapore 059670
(just walk through the doorway and down the corridor at the first floor)
Phone: 6225 0025
Email: hola@teepee.com.sg
Facebook | Instagram | Website

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